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Fischer International Corporation was founded in 1982 by Addison Fischer, a security visionary whose many accomplishments are recognized globally.

At its heart, Fischer International is a technology company driven by visionaries, all having a single focus: to provide unparalleled value. This commitment and thought leadership has always been part of our corporate culture. It began in 1982, when we introduced the first PC security product to the marketplace and continues today.

In 2005, Fischer established technology leadership in the Identity Management space. To leverage our advantage, Fischer International Identity was spun-out at the end of 2006 with a singular focus on Identity Management: specifically enabling Managed Identity Services.

In 2007, Fischer created the Managed Identity Services® market by extending Identity Management across domains and enterprises in a private-cloud, public-cloud, or hosted model.

Today, Fischer proudly provides both on-premise and cloud-based identity management deployments to a growing customer base.