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InCommon® Federation Enablement
Quickly Satisfy the Technical Requirements for InCommon® Participation

InCommon® Federation membership is required for access to Internet2 Net+ Services and other resources, but many institutions do not have the expertise to deploy and operate the Federation technology required for participation. Fischer International Identity is an InCommon Affiliate Sponsor and authorized Virtual Identity Provider as well as an Internet2 member. We provide a rapid and cost-effective on-ramp to InCommon federation that enables institutions to quickly satisfy the Identity Provider (IdP)-related and Service Provider (SP)-related requirements of InCommon. Fischer's solution includes installation, configuration, testing and production migration, and is available for on-campus and cloud-based deployment. It avoids the costs and potential delays to hire additional personnel, conduct extensive training and other activities that could be required for self deployment, so you can meet the technical requirements in days, not months.

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For additional information on how your organization can benefit from InCommon Federation Enablement, please contact Fischer International Identity at +1 (239) 643-1500, or contact us through this website.


Brochure: InCommon® Federation Enablement

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