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Access Termination
Immediately revoke access without losing accounts or data

Fischer Access Termination defends organizations from security breaches by former employees and contractors. The solution provides a very simple and cost-effective way to ensure that access to customer data, financial information, and other sensitive corporate assets is quickly removed. This service also can be a valuable and low-cost part of your compliance initiative.

Problem: Organizations have incurred millions in losses simply because they failed to remove a former insider’s access to IT accounts. Most organizations have lost track of some accounts so that when a user leaves the organization, some accounts can remain accessible to the former insiders or to others who have learned the account credentials, and worse, there is usually no way to detect who is using these “orphan” accounts. For example, an insider at Société Générale used oprhan accounts for years without being detected to create a €4.7 billion loss (more than $6,000,000,000 USD).

Solution: Access Termination enables organizations to quickly prevent users from accessing any of their registered accounts. When someone leaves the organization, you can quickly terminate their access to all accounts with only a few mouse clicks. This eliminates the delay, risk, and effort to locate and involve administrators from every system where the user has accounts. Access rights are immediately terminated, but the accounts and data remain intact: you simply reassign the account to the appropriate person. Also, audit records are automatically created for the access termination process: you’ll always have the proof you need to respond to auditors’ questions.

Benefits & Capabilities

  • Eliminate "orphan accounts" and their risk
  • Streamline and accelerate your offboarding process for employees, contractors and others who have access to IT accounts
  • Immediately terminate access to all IT accounts without destroying any data or audit records of actions performed by former users
  • End the guesswork of which accounts to revoke when a person departs
  • Provide audit history of offboarding former employees and contractors
  • Ensure that no accounts are overlooked during the offboarding process to prevent creating orphan accounts
  • Available as a Fischer Identity as a Service® module

Learn More

For additional information on how your organization can benefit from Fischer Identity, please contact Fischer International Identity at +1 (239) 643-1500, or contact us through this website.


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