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Fischer Automated Role & Account Management:
Provisioning Made Simple

Fischer Identity simplifies provisioning to make it affordable and practical for enterprise, mid-market, and SMB organizations, and with your choice of procurement model: cloud or on-premise. Fischer Automated Role & Account Management is a flexible solution that automates employee lifecycle management and compliance enforcement across your enterprise as well as for SaaS applications – your Global Sphere of Commerce. Quickly support business changes as employees, contractors and others need rapid changes to access permissions.

Problem: Many organizations lack sufficient provisioning processes, even organizations that have repeatable processes for onboarding and offboarding user access to IT assets and other resources. Existing processes are typically costly, require time and resources, and the processes usually lack sufficient flexibility to address changing business requirements. Also, organizations with manual processes typically don’t have assurance that records presented to auditors for regulatory compliance are accurate since errors are not uncommon in manual tasks. This can also lead to improperly onboarded and offboarded users, which can affect productivity and security.

Solution: Automated Role & Account Management enables you to automatically add, change and revoke user access to your organization’s IT and physical assets based on real-time business events such as hire, termination, promotion, new customer, etc. – all in compliance with your business and security policies. Business events are detected in real-time to determine the necessary provisioning actions and approval processes to execute, ensuring that your users always have just the right access, and at the right time.

All configuration is performed through a graphical user interface without any coding or scripting for even the most complex requirements, which not only speeds implementation and reduces costs, but enables organizations to quickly and cost-effectively support unforeseen business changes. Fischer Identity solutions can be rolled out in days or weeks rather than months or years.

Benefits & Capabilities

With Automated Role & Account Management, you have complete, automated control to manage user access to accounts and resources. Keep pace with your business by immediately and accurately creating, changing, or revoking user access in response to the thousands of business events that occur every day, and in accordance with your company’s business and security policies:

  • New hires: “Hiring” events in HR and other systems result in intelligent, compliant creation of user accounts, and authorizations for badges, credit cards, and other assets.
  • Terminations: Access for departing employees, contractors and others can be revoked entirely on termination day, or can be staged over time for employees that are entitled to ongoing access to select assets.
  • Transfers: When workers transfer to a new location, automatically determine new access requirements and update entitlements.
  • Self-service requests: In addition to automated event-driven provisioning, users can submit their own requests for automated or administrative fulfillment of resources through the included Self-Service Portal.
  • Improve security by ensuring all accounts have appropriate privileges based on your business policies: Eliminate orphan and over-privileged accounts.
  • Control costs and simplify provisioning with automation based on roles (RBAC), rules, or both.
  • Maximize productivity and improve service levels by providing “day-zero” access to needed IT and physical assets.
  • Your choice of procurement model: Cloud or on-premise.

Learn More

For additional information on how your organization can benefit from Fischer Identity, please contact Fischer International Identity at +1 (239) 643-1500, or contact us through this website.


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