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Press Release

Press Release


Fischer's ETL Integration Platform and Holistic Design Sets New Standards for Rapid Creation and Deployment of Customer-Driven Features

Naples, FL (May 31, 2006) -- Fischer International, thought leaders in Identity Management, today announced the immediate availability of Fischer Identity Suite™ Version 2.3, adding significant new benefits that further speed and simplify the task of identity administration while reducing its cost and complexity. The wealth of features included in the Version 2.3 release is attributed to Fischer's holistic, SOA-compliant Identity Management architecture built on an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) integration engine; the springboard for rapid and reliable product development.

Setting a New Standard for Rapid Feature Development and Deployment

Fischer Identity Suite Version 2.3 builds on the strong foundation of Fischer's industry-leading architecture, and is the result of both Fischer's extensive enterprise expertise and commitment to listening to the needs of customers and partners.

"Our decision to build a next-generation Identity Management solution from the ground-up is validated every day by customers, partners, and analysts," said Steve Tillery, Fischer's SVP and CTO. "One year ago, we demonstrated how our technology set a new industry standard for speed and ease of identity administration and provisioning deployment. Now on Identity Suite's first anniversary, we've demonstrated how our technology enables us to innovate and deliver new capabilities that businesses need, and with unprecedented speed, quality, and reliability. Our Version 2.3 'dot release' represents only six months of development work yet includes more significant features than most competitors have released in the past three to five years."

Changing the Face of Identity Management: Delegated Deployment to Non-Technical Users

The initial release of Fischer Identity Suite revolutionized Identity Management by enabling enterprise-wide IdM deployment without requiring highly-skilled resources. Fischer's Version 2.3 takes the next step by enabling deployment and administration tasks to be delegated to non-technical users such as Business Analysts, shifting the focus from "implementing identity technology" to "implementing business processes." Fischer's Business Policy Manager and Self-Service Studio are two such Version 2.3 innovations.

  • Business Policy Manager transforms role and group management into a business-friendly, intuitive process for defining how user entitlements and resources are provisioned to users in compliance with business and privacy guidelines. Business Policy Manager provides the granular capabilities needed to create policies and membership rules for target systems that precisely control "who should have access to what," yet is designed for non-technical users. Business processes are implemented entirely through a Point & Click interface, and users do not need to know resource naming conventions for every system. Business Policy Manager offers a variety of other benefits, including dynamic group/role discovery and presentation, Point & Click Separation of Duties, and "provisioning grace periods" that enable organizations to deprovision a class of resources immediately upon the occurrence of a business event while leaving other resources intact for an extended period.
  • Self-Service Studio enables organizations to deploy self-service provisioning requests and approvals, but without the time and cost of workflow programming or HTML page creation. Self-Service Studio includes out-of-the-box web pages that can be easily branded and customized to each organization's requirements using any HTML editor such as Front Page or Dreamweaver, and provides a graphical, easy-to-use interface for mapping workflow attributes to Web form elements. Users simply view the form in Self-Service Studio, choose the appropriate workflow, and then use the Point & Click interface to map workflow attributes to input fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, and other user-selectable web page elements that control workflow execution. Reliable, customized self-service pages are created in minutes and without any need for programming.

Identity-Related Compliance & Security: "Citius, Altius, Fortius"

Fischer's compliance technology, iComply™, provides the foundation for enterprise-wide audit and enforcement of identity-related information. Version 2.3 builds on iComply's robust technology foundation to enhance security and compliance to "Olympic" performance levels.

  • Compliance Dashboard enables administrators and auditors to quickly assess a provisioning environment. Policies and entitlements are automatically analyzed to identify exceptions and their causes, and can then be tracked for remediation or annotated to record the rationale for the exception.
  • Enhanced Compliance Attestation Assessment / Reporting enables organizations to "know," not "assume," if user entitlements across all connected systems are in compliance with business and privacy policies. In real-time, Fischer discovers and compares the actual accounts and entitlements on connected systems with the organization's business and privacy policies. Excessive permissions, unauthorized accounts, orphan accounts, and other policy conflicts are identified for thorough analysis and fast remediation. An organization's compliance position can be measured in real-time, or for any date range after initial deployment.
  • High Privilege Account Management (HPAM) meets the extra security and compliance requirements of regulated industries such as banking, securities, and oil & gas by eliminating the most common challenges of working with high privilege accounts. HPAM provides additional control, auditing, and compliance for administrative accounts for any system, and includes a complete audit record of exactly who can perform administrative functions and when, and who approved their privileges.

Availability And Demonstrations

Fischer Identity Suite Version 2.3 is available immediately. Product demonstrations may be requested by contacting Fischer International at 239-643-1500 or visiting Hands-on demonstrations are also available at the following upcoming industry events:

2006 Gartner IT Security Summit
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5-7 June 2006
Washington, DC
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
Booth 111

2006 Burton Group Catalyst Conference
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Wednesday, June 14: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Hilton San Francisco
Yosemite A

About Fischer International
Fischer International was founded in 1982 by Addison Fischer, a security visionary whose many accomplishments are recognized globally. Headquartered in Naples, Florida, Fischer International has a distinguished history of innovation and thought leadership in the security industry. Fischer continues this tradition by being the first to deliver the next-generation of Identity Management. The solution, Fischer Identity Suite, is built upon DataForum™, Fischer’s standards-based provisioning, approval, and compliance engine. By design, the engine is an integration technology as Fischer recognized that integration is the lifeblood of enterprise Identity Management. Additionally, compliance is organically incorporated throughout because compliance must be part of the DNA in any Identity Management solution. Like all Fischer solutions, the Fischer Identity Suite will stand the test of time. For additional information, please visit


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