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City of Carlsbad Ensures Success of Identity & Access Management Project

City’s Prior Experience Results in IAM Vendor Stress Test: Fischer Identity Chosen as “Best Fit”

Naples, FL (July 10, 2012)Fischer International Identity, LLC, the leader in cloud-based identity management, announced today that the City of Carlsbad has selected Fischer Identity Suite™ to provide identity management services. A rigorous evaluation and proof of concept ensured the selected product meets the City’s near- and long-term business, technology, and budgetary requirements.

The City, an eight-year veteran of identity management, determined that a new identity solution would deliver more value, in less time and at lower overall cost than updating and extending their current solution. “We researched a variety of vendors and invited our top picks to show how their products would meet the City’s requirements in a detailed proof of concept,” said Gordon Peterson, IT Director at City of Carlsbad. “Our top priority was to find a solution that would provide the capabilities we needed while being easy for end users. Operational simplicity was also key for us, ideally with a cloud-based option. In our final bake-off of vendors, Fischer rose to the top, completing all the tasks we asked of them with ease.”

The decision to re-invest in identity management was driven by the City’s goals to improve service levels, reduce delays, free-up staff to address more critical tasks, and improve operational consistency so that employees and contractors always have what they need. “We chose Fischer because they provide the best fit of usability, flexibility and cost for the City,” added Peterson. “They quickly proved how fast and simply they could address our custom requirements without any scripting, and we didn’t need to bolt on additional identity products to get what we needed.“

Since going live, the City streamlined business processes for their SaaS and on-premise applications using Fischer’s provisioning, password management, governance and self-service capabilities. Said Peterson, “self service has been well received. Users like requesting access to resources and resetting passwords with no phone calls or paperwork.” The City also assures that access is immediately removed and files are archived per the City’s standard timeline when anyone departs employment. Adds Peterson, “the solution helps improve our visibility and accountability of governance activities while reducing our costs. Fischer has become a trusted partner.”

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