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Integrated End-to-End Access Solution Ensures Ease of Use and Management While Speeding Time-to-Productivity

WASHINGTON, DC, (June 6, 2006) At the Gartner 12th Annual IT Security Summit 2006, Imprivata®, Inc., the enterprise authentication and access management appliance company, and Fischer International, thought leaders in Identity Management, announced their partnership to integrate the Imprivata OneSign™ enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) appliance with Fischer Identity Suite’s standards-based provisioning, approval and compliance solution. This partnership will enable customers to benefit from an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage integrated provisioning and ESSO solution that helps companies ensure their employees are productive quickly while realizing improved security and compliance.

Business processes including hiring, termination, temporary project work and customer self-service all involve providing, changing or revoking access across one, ten or scores of systems. Combining Imprivata OneSign ESSO, an easy, smart and affordable ESSO appliance that enables organizations to quickly and effectively automate password management and user authentication policies, with Fischer International’s user provisioning solution, which provides secure, real-time provisioning for all users across all systems in the enterprise by adapting quickly to business processes and IT infrastructure, gives customers a complete and secure end-to-end enterprise user access solution.

“Companies need their employees to get online quickly to ensure productivity from day one of employment, and they are seeking an integrated user provisioning and enterprise single sign-on solution to make this possible,” said Omar Hussain, president and CEO of Imprivata. “We’re finding that, above all, companies want an access solution that is easy to use for employees and easy to manage for administrators. By partnering with Fischer, the integrated solution offers organizations the ability to increase overall security while improving employee efficiency and simplifying user management.”

Simplifying the Provisioning Process Through Automated Application Profiles and “Drag & Drop” Workflows
Instead of custom scripting, OneSign ESSO uses the OneSign Application Profile Generator™ (APG) to “learn” the login behaviors of the target applications and generate the correct XML profile that is securely distributed to SSO users. As new applications are added or existing applications changed, the APG is ready to make changes in minutes without any interruption or downtime. In addition, by utilizing 100% drag & drop business policy and workflow GUIs that eliminate the time and errors commonly found with scripting and programming, Fischer Provisioning also eliminates scripting and programming which dramatically speeds and simplifies workflow creation. Together, the integrated solution enables administrators to get their business users up and running quickly, providing access to resources and applications they need to be productive immediately.

Improving Productivity of Business Users from Day One
For many companies, ESSO and provisioning are central to automating and managing an employee’s use and access of applications and resources and often integrated with various forms of two-factor authentication to secure user access. Combining initial account provisioning with the creation and continuous management of credentials provides a comprehensive user access solution that allows employees to utilize the applications they need, securely, on day one.

“There are many synergies between Imprivata and Fischer that make this partnership worthwhile for customers,” said Reneé Bacherman, President and CEO of Fischer International. “Both companies focus on building technologies that simplify management for IT while being easy for business users. This common approach encourages greater use of these access solutions, leading to greater overall security, regulatory compliance and ensuring immediate productivity for our customers.”

With this combined Imprivata-Fischer solution, new users can simply log-on to their network and instantly access all of their Windows, Web, TE or legacy ESSO-enabled applications. All OneSign user accounts and application privileges are automatically created and set strong application-specific passwords that fortify security without requiring users to remember numerous passwords. In addition, the integrated solution supports OneSign’s Shared Workstation functionality including user switching, roaming sessions, single-key and time-based lockouts to further improve employee productivity and cut down on helpdesk costs.

The Imprivata-Fischer integration is based on OneSign ESSO’s incorporation of the standards-based Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML) interface. This provisioning integration with Fischer is one in a series of strategic partnerships enabling Imprivata to realize its vision of delivering enterprise customers with end-to-end user access solutions that are easy-to-use and easy-to-manage.

About Imprivata
Based in Lexington, Mass., Imprivata develops enterprise authentication and access management solutions. The company is privately held with venture funding from Polaris Venture Partners, Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners. Imprivata OneSign is a security management platform that is changing the way midrange businesses gain access to their networks and applications. Imprivata’s OneSign product lines are packaged as an affordable, easy-to-implement and maintain appliance and are distributed through an established network of value-added resellers. For more information visit

About Fischer International
Fischer International was founded in 1982 by Addison Fischer, a security visionary whose many accomplishments are recognized globally. Headquartered in Naples, Florida, Fischer International has a distinguished history of innovation and thought leadership in the security industry. Fischer continues this tradition by being the first to deliver the next-generation of Identity Management. The solution, Fischer Identity Suite, is built upon DataForum™, Fischer’s standards-based provisioning, approval, and compliance engine. By design, the engine is an integration technology as Fischer recognized that integration is the lifeblood of enterprise Identity Management. Additionally, compliance is organically incorporated throughout because compliance must be part of the DNA in any Identity Management solution. Like all Fischer solutions, the Fischer Identity Suite will stand the test of time. For additional information, please visit


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