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Press Release: Taming IdM Chaos to Secure Campus and Cloud Resources: Lessons Learned by Two Small Colleges

ANAHEIM, CA, October 8, 2013 Does identity management in the cloud sound scary? Learn how two small private institutions successfully implemented IdM by prioritizing realistic requirements, setting cloud versus on-campus criteria, mitigating risks, identifying vendor-selection criteria, and more. The presenters will compare and contrast their two institutions' experiences and outcomes and provide you with a roadmap to address your own identity management challenges.

Understand a realistic set of requirements to move forward with IdM. | Understand the criteria for selecting an IdM vendor. | Access a concrete list of considerations for IdM.

Gayle Barton, CIO, Amherst College
Joseph Vaughan, CIO / VP for Computing & Information Services, Harvey Mudd College

EDUCAUSE 2013 Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA
Wednesday, October 16, 2013
11:40 AM 12:30 PM
Meeting Room 213C

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Case Study: Federated SSO and Password Management at Harvey Mudd College