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World's Leading Outsourcing Advisory, Brown & Wilson Group, Names Fischer as the Best Choice for Outsourcing Identity Management for the Second Consecutive Year

Naples, FL (November 12, 2007) -- Fischer International Identity, LLC announced today that it achieved the #1 ranking in Brown & Wilson’s Top 10 list of Outsourced Identity and Access Management Technologies for the second consecutive year. Brown & Wilson, the world’s leading outsourcing advisory firm and authors of the best selling “The Black Book of Outsourcing”, once again placed Fischer in the top spot due to the strength of their Identity Management technology and the company’s progress in enabling the Managed Identity Services™ marketplace.

The rising cost and high failure rates of mainstream Identity Management deployments are causing organizations to seek new technologies and sourcing options. Fischer’s innovative Technology for Managed Identity Services™ is built to the needs of managed environments and enables businesses to quickly and securely derive the full value of Identity Management, but without the high cost and risk. Fischer Identity™ is the only Identity Management technology that overcomes the “barriers to entry” for outsourced Identity Management, such as multi-tenancy, native cross-domain provisioning, rapid system interoperability, and remote deployment. Fischer’s solution enables Global Outsourcers and Managed Service Providers to offer their clients strategic Identity services at very competitive prices while meeting their own internal business requirements.

"We are very proud to again announce Fischer International as the top-ranked technology for outsourced Identity and Access Management” said Doug Brown, co-founder of the Brown & Wilson Group. “Fischer continues to extend its advantage in the emerging Managed Identity Services market. This success is a testament to Fischer International’s innovation and vision, and their demonstrated commitment to delivering the full value of Identity Management and to a much larger constituency.”

“To again place at the top of the prestigious and well-respected Brown & Wilson Group outsourcing technology list is a great honor and validation,” said Renee’ Bacherman, CEO for Fischer. “As we enter, 2008 Fischer Identity remains the only viable option for Global Outsourcers to lead the Managed Identity Services market by offering affordable Identity services to clients of any size and in any industry.”

About The Black Book of Outsourcing
The Black Book of Outsourcing (Wiley Publishers) is an international business book and outsourcing resource manual written by co-authors Doug Brown and Scott Wilson of the Brown-Wilson Group. Available in multiple languages, The Black Book of Outsourcing has ranked as the best-selling business outsourcing book for almost 80 consecutive weeks by the International Retail Booksellers. Based on information from more than 100,000 global outsourcing users, decision makers, analysts, employees, and customers, The Black Book of Outsourcing is the industry's only independent and unbiased ranking of outsourcing provider organizational performance. These rankings are esteemed by outsourcing clients, prospects, and corporate procurement officers. For more information, visit:

The complete Top 10 list for ITO Identity Management Technology may be viewed at:

About Fischer International
Fischer International Identity was spun-out of Fischer International Systems Corporation in late 2006, creating a new company solely focused on Identity Management and based on a 25-year heritage in shaping the enterprise security industry. Fischer continues its history of technology leadership and innovation by bringing to market an Identity Services Platform that truly simplifies Identity Management, scales seamlessly from the SMB to the largest enterprise, and can be implemented either as a traditional software-as-a product deployment or via any outsourced delivery model. Fischer’s solutions provide organizations of all sizes with greater choice in how they derive the benefits of Identity Management, but without risk or compromise. For more information, please visit


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