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Fischer International Presents Fischer Global Provisioner as Next Leap in Identity Management

San Francisco, CA (June 14, 2006) -- Today at the 2006 Burton Group Catalyst Conference, Fischer International, thought leaders in Identity Management, is unveiling the patent-pending Fischer Global Provisioner, enabling organizations to easily and automatically extend provisioning processes across multiple domains and Business Partners.

"Provisioning processes slow or cease entirely when they reach a firewall, the 'natural enemy' of conventional Identity Management products, because the identity information traversing multiple domains cannot be easily secured," said Glenn Choquette, Director of Product Management for Fischer International. "This leaves organizations with unattractive options ranging from time-consuming and error-prone manual provisioning, time-consuming custom code with possibly heavy consulting costs, duplicating the product or scripting in every domain, or simply abandoning the attempt. Fischer Global Provisioner obsoletes these limitations."

Fischer Global Provisioner enables organizations to accomplish in seconds what formerly took weeks to achieve. Fischer's flexible, forward-looking approach is a simple, elegant extension to their industry-leading SOA-compliant Identity Management architecture built on an integration technology. For example, Fischer Global Provisioner ensures secure cross-domain communications using certificate-based security, and enables multi-domain provisioning as follows:

  • directly to web services-compliant applications in enterprises that have already deployed SPML or other web-services-compliant applications
  • via the Fischer Identity Gateway for enterprises that have not yet deployed web services. The Identity Gateway provides a secure, intelligent entry point into remote domains over which identity, workflow and compliance activities may occur
  • to collaborative deployments of Fischer Identity Suite in cases where business partners wish to maintain sovereignty over their workflows.

Fischer Global Provisioner also adds value to emerging Federated Identity standards, such as SAML 2.0. "SAML provides a secure, standards-based approach for authenticating users across domains to create a Single Sign-on environment," says Steve Tillery, SVP and CTO of Fischer International. "Fischer Global Provisioner automates all the account creation, approvals, and compliance activities that must occur in advance of the user's initial log-in. This optimizes the end user experience, and gives organizations greater ability to implement 'higher trust' business processes across domains."

Additional benefits to Fischer's multi-domain provisioning solution include:

  • automated schema discovery on remote systems
  • automated role/group and permissions discovery across domains
  • remote deployment, eliminating any need for onsite IdM deployment
  • cross-domain compliance, including identity-related events that occur in remote domains
  • ability to scale business processes to meet partner and customer demands
  • audited approvals

Fischer Global Provisioner has a general availability date of 4Q06.

A preview of Fischer Global Provisioner is available at the Burton Group Catalyst Conference on Wednesday June 14th in Fischer's Hospitality Suite Yosemite A, by contacting Fischer International at 239-643-1500, or visiting

About Fischer International
Fischer International was founded in 1982 by Addison Fischer, a security visionary whose many accomplishments are recognized globally. Headquartered in Naples, Florida, Fischer International has a distinguished history of innovation and thought leadership in the security industry. Fischer continues this tradition by being the first to deliver the next-generation of Identity Management. The solution, Fischer Identity Suite, is built upon DataForum™, Fischer’s standards-based provisioning, approval, and compliance engine. By design, the engine is an integration technology as Fischer recognized that integration is the lifeblood of enterprise Identity Management. Additionally, compliance is organically incorporated throughout because compliance must be part of the DNA in any Identity Management solution. Like all Fischer solutions, the Fischer Identity Suite will stand the test of time. For additional information, please visit


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