Compliance & Audit
Assessment, Certification, Remediation, Continuous Monitoring

You cannot call your IAM program complete without compliance controls in place. An active and assertive compliance program is the only way to assure that your governing access control policies are in fact being followed. A combination of assessment, certification, remediation and continuous monitoring is essential to a successful IAM program. IAM programs do offer many positives to streamlining the business, however the core mission of IAM is to provide a proper enforcement mechanism by which the business can attest to the security standards in place. A sound Compliance & Audit program, layered on top of your IAM solution is that enforcement.

With Compliance & Audit, organizations can confidently attest to the efficacy of access controls with minimal effort and business disruption. With over 100 out of the box reports tailored to meet SOX, HIPPA and other regulatory demands placed on an organization, audit preparation and response time is critical. Fischer's Compliance & Audit offering will help organizations reach the balance they need to maintain business efficiencies while providing granular, on-demand reporting to auditors.

Case Study: SOX Compliance

A Fortune 500 Retailer deploys IAM across 200 stores without professional services.

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