Single Sign On
Federation, Application Single Sign On, "Same-Sign-On"

Provide a secure, one-time-login experience to end users. SSO improves the end user experience and security by reducing the number of passwords users need to remember as well as the number of passwords the organization needs to publicly expose to the user community.

Fischer also provides a "Same-Sign-On" service for organizations that are not comfortable with a single password to access all applications. The "Same-Sign-On" service offers password synchronization capabilities providing the end user with the benefits of only remembering a single password, while empowering the organization to force a manual authentication event to applications that you may not want to expose to a Single Sign On architecture.

Case Study: Harvey Mudd College

Learn why Harvey Mudd college looked to Fischer's cloud IAM service to address challenges and create new opportunities.

Video Demo: Single Sign-On
Two-Minute Video Using Single Sign-On

Demo: Provide a login-free experience to your users when accessing web and SaaS applications.