Self-Service IAM
Access Request, Workflow, and Delegated Administration

Self-Service IAM streamlines business processes by eliminating the barriers of legacy ticketing system approaches to manage ad hoc requests. Organizations can now extend access governance capabilities to end user and management populations without direct IT involvement in every access request.

Self-Service IAM's help desk capabilities eliminate redundant tools to perform the same task, providing substantial budgetary savings, as well as a more secure way of full-filling ad-hoc access requests. Fischer's governance policy structure extends to the self-service IAM interface, so organizations can rest assured that even when manual requests are submitted, that IGA enforcement is occurring in real time.

Contractor Identity Management
Consumer Product Goods Managing Contractor Access

A FORTUNE 100 Consumer Product Goods company automates contractor lifecycle management in two weeks with Fischer's Self Service IAM.

Video Demo: Self Service Access Request
Two-Minute Video Self-Service Access Request

Demo: Empower users to request access for themselves or on the behalf of others - all within your access governance framework.