Fischer offers a fresh approach to identity and access management – simplicity.

Organizations can now achieve their identity, security and risk goals with far less investment AND quickly support new and emerging business requirements – neither of which is possible with conventional enterprise IAM software or web-centric IDaaS services. For example…

Conventional on premise IAM products are inherently complex, expensive and risky. Project failure rates are high, time-to-value is measured in years, and ongoing software customizations increase complexity to the point where solutions become too fragile and expensive to upgrade. Even Analysts warn clients to curtail further investment in legacy IAM in favor of nimble solutions that can be implemented quickly to seize specific business opportunities.

Web-centric IDaaS cloud services lack in-depth provisioning, user administration and system integration to realistically tackle enterprise identity life cycle management and governance requirements. That said, their SSO is pretty good, as one would expect from an authentication vendor.

Fischer is generations ahead of other IAM products and services. The simplicity and depth of our software and cloud services give you unsurpassed levels of automation and operational efficiencies that reduces your total cost of ownership and extends IAM to support new digital business models and improved processes. For example: